REPORT: Irsay & Ballard Aren't On The Same Page

It's obviously been a chaotic week at the Colts Complex, but amidst that chaos, the Colts have to quickly select a new head coach so they can get things moving in the 2018 offseason.

Chris Ballard has mostly driven the ship for the last several weeks, as Jim Irsay has allowed him to do, however there is some question whether the Colts' owner is giving more input this time around. Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, who will interview this weekend and was part of Tony Dungy's Super Bowl XLI winning staff, is apparently an Irsay favorite... but is he Ballard's, too? Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich also has ties to the Colts - he spent 2008-11 here on Dungy and then Jim Caldwell's staff - but no ties to Ballard. Meanwhile, Saints AHC/tight ends coach Dan Campbell was the first guy that Ballard brought in to kick off round two of the coaching search, and ESPN's Adam Schefter said yesterday that he's the leader in the clubhouse as of right now.

All of this has sparked some speculation that Irsay and Ballard may be on different wavelengths:


You can understand why Irsay would be more hands-on following the McDaniels debacle (not that it was all Chris Ballard's fault), but moving forward, the Colts really need to get all of their ducks in a row. If Irsay and Ballard can't get on the same page in choosing a new head coach on the fly, then a messy situation gets even messier.

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