LISTEN: Patrick Ewing on Query & Schultz

We had many highlights on Radio Row this week, but this was my personal favorite: a conversation with Georgetown head coach Patrick Ewing.

The big man joined us earlier today to talk about completing his first head coaching year at Georgetown, the rivalry with the Pacers, and the infamous "frozen envelope" conspiracy theory. Take a listen:


I don't want to get too mushy here, but as many of you know, I grew up a gigantic Knicks fan. I had five Patrick Ewing posters on my bedroom wall. I collected every one of his individual Starting Lineup figurines (my wife calls them my "dolls"), which I still own today. I did the same “Patttt-rick Ewing!” intro that we did on today's show in my basement thousands of times. All sports fans have their Mickey Mantle, and as a kid, he was mine. His playing career meant so much to me and I am beyond thrilled I got the chance to tell him that in-person.

We do this for a living and we try not to have emotional attachments to teams and players - for all the "cakeys" and Howard Johnson's jokes, we do try to maintain some level of credibility - but considering how I viewed Ewing as a child, this was a moment that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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