Are the Colts Trading Down... Again?

It was only a few weeks ago that the Colts added several picks by trading down from #3 overall to #6 with the New York Jets, but could they trade down again?

That's what may mock drafters - including ESPN's Todd McShay and Bleacher Report's Matt Miller - are projecting:


If this first hypothetical trade with Miami only includes their second-round pick, that doesn't make much sense for the Colts. I would assume that Chris Ballard would ask for a future pick - perhaps even the Dolphins' 2019 first round selection - in return to move up five spots. Heck, the Jets gave up three second-rounders just to move up three spots. Buffalo is an intriguing trade partner, and they should be very motivated to move up to get a crack at one of of the four quarterbacks projected to go in the top 5-7 picks.

Ballard has seemed hesitant to move out of the top ten, but after doing little in free agency, it's clear that his blueprint is to build a young core through the draft. The best way to do that is acquire as many Top 50 selections as possible, and the Colts already have four in this year's draft alone.

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