Could Browns Draft a QB at #1 and #4?

It's officially "silly season" for the NFL Draft as we're only days away from the event most football fans have been anticipating for months.

This week, perhaps the silliest rumor of all has been floating around: the Browns might take quarterbacks with the #1 and #4 overall selections. Still laughing? ESPN's Adam Schefter even mentioned it:


To be fair, many other media members have shot this idea down:


It's hard to see the Browns actually doing this, especially having already traded for Tyrod Taylor. If Taylor is the seat-warmer for whichever young quarterback you're planning to groom, what's the point of taking an extra quarterback with a premium to be your #3? If you really did want to add two quarterbacks, it would make a lot more sense to wait and select Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph, or someone outside of the consensus top four.

Regardless, what Cleveland does at #4 could impact the Colts. If they take Bradley Chubb, which is a far more likely scenario than another quarterback, that eliminates one player that Indy has shown strong interest in. If they trade it, that would possibly mean a trade partner would be taking a quarterback at that spot, freeing up Chubb or Nelson or a different position player to fall at #6.

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