So, About The Jump Ball Call...

You guys all saw the play in question last night...

With the Pacers down three in the final seconds, Lance Stephenson tried to wrestle the ball away front Jeff Green and it led to a scuffle. One official ruled it a foul while the other signaled jump ball. After review, they went with the foul call, which apparently, was the proper ruling. Green was awarded free throws and the Cavs survived, 104-100.

Here is the official explanation of the sequence and ruling:


Honestly, I think it was the right call. Lance had come around the head of Green first to try to grasp the ball - the initial foul call - and that's how one of the referees saw it. (It's worth pointing out that Green appeared to have traveled, but I digress.) I was at the game and wasn't able to listen to the TNT broadcast, but was told they were acting like it was a jump ball call which was turned into a foul on replay. That's not the case. I'm guessing that's what added to the confusion.

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