Did Philly Rip Off the #Anvil?

2017 wasn't a good year for the Colts as far as on-field success is concerned, but they did do one overwhelmingly positive thing last season: the introduction of the #Anvil.

The impressive hunk of metal captivated fans and struck fear in the hearts of opponents every time it was banged. It was part of a well-received marketing campaign, where we learned that the Colts were forged from steel. (You can learn about the #Anvil's amazing backstory below:)


So, given the incredible success of the Colts #Anvil, it's no surprise that other franchises would try to mimic it, right? That's exactly what's happening in Philadelphia:


I couldn't seem to find when this tradition started, and although I was originally mad about it, I'm good with it now. If other teams want to capitalize on the success the Colts have found with their #Anvil, then I think that's great. 

All teams should have amazing traditions like the Colts have. #BangIt

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