Good Race or Bad Race?

It's always an exciting day at the Indianapolis 500, but some fans felt the race itself this year was... lacking.

Maybe some were spoiled by the ridiculous number of passes throughout the field for the last several years. Maybe it was because a lot of the fan-favorites - Helio, Kanaan, Danica - didn't end up being factors late because of crashes. Maybe Will Power's lengthy cushion while cruising to the checkered flag made for an anti-climactic ending. Regardless, some complained:


The fact that so many veteran drivers lost control in single-car wrecks was disheartening, especially considering that the trio I listed above (Helio, TK, Dancia) have run so well here in the past. That said, Indy's reputation for being unforgiving, even to the most seasoned and talented of drivers, is what makes this race so unique. As for the passing, it wasn't like it was Monaco (zero!), and you're not going to get a a million green flag passes for the lead every year.


On my grading scale, if A is excellent and F is boring as hell, I'd probably give this race a B-. It wasn't a great race, but it certainly wasn't a bad one, and drivers like Alexander Rossi provided plenty of fireworks with daring maneuvers throughout the day.

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