Ryan Grigson Is Back in the NFL

Ryan Grigson is back in the NFL.

After a short stint with the Cleveland Browns following his firing in Indianapolis, it appears the former Colts GM has landed in Seattle. This tweet was sent from his agent, Indy-based Buddy Baker, last night:


I texted Buddy to see if Grigson had an official title at this point and will update this post when I hear back.

Obviously, fans here don't have positive memories of Grigson or his tenure, but I never root against guys to make a living. He absolutely deserved to be fired here, and should have never gotten the contract extension in the first place. However, contrary to popular belief, everything bad that happened to the Colts from 2015-now isn't entirely his fault (hi, Chuck Pagano!). Also, since he's a Purdue guy, I'd like to see him change the narrative about his career as an executive. 

(I might be the only person in Indianapolis who feels that way, but hey, that's fine.)

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