Could the Pacers Trade Up?

The Pacers are one of the few teams in the NBA who have the luxury of taking on a bad contract (if they must), to get an asset in return. Could they do exactly that tomorrow night and move up into the NBA Draft Lottery?

There have been no official reports linking the Pacers and Nuggets, but Denver is looking to shed salary and dangling their 14th pick out there to do so. One potential possibility, brought up by Bobby Marks of, is the Pacers taking back Kenneth Faried's contract to move up nine spots:

Faried, a full-time starter for most of his NBA career, fell completely out of Denver's rotation last year, with career-lows in points, rebounds, and minutes per game. However, taking on a one-year bad contract to move up nine spots may be advantageous, if there is someone in that range the Pacers covet.

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