Boogie Joins Up With Warriors

If and when DeMarcus Cousins returns to the floor, the Warriors will be able to put five All-Stars on the court at the same time - and most NBA fans and media aren't happy about it.

Cousins signed with Golden State for a paltry $5.3 million - the tax-payer mid-level cap exception - and adds some more firepower to an already dominant NBA dynasty:


The deal for Cousins makes a lot of sense: it's only one year, and coming off a serious Achilles injury, he can get healthy and prove himself. If he does so - and wins a championship in the process - he can re-enter the market next summer where a much more lucrative deal (you would think) awaits him.

However, for the NBA and its fans, it's hard to spin this into a positive. Even if the market was dry for Cousins, and it was by most reports, a player leaving a few million on the table to link up with a star-studded roster hurts the league. Yes, the Achilles injury is very serious, and there's no telling just how effective Cousins will be in the short-term (or even the long-term), but $5.3 million for a one-year rental is a total steal. The Warriors don't even need Cousins, which is what makes this rich-get-richer scenario that much more frustrating. If it doesn't work out, who cares? They have literally nothing to lose with this signing.

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