Catching Up With: Jeff Herrod

From the outside looking in, a decade-plus NFL career should be a dream come true. However, for Jeff Herrod, certain aspects of his life today have become a bit of a nightmare.

The linebacker, who spent ten of his eleven NFL seasons in Indianapolis (1988-98), joined us today in the latest edition of our "Catching Up With" series. Herrod talked about some of the negative after-effects of his long football career - twenty (!) surgeries, physical limitations, constant therapy, etc. - that come with putting your body on the line for all of those years.

While he has happy memories of his time in Indy, Herrod's story is a reminder that the lives of past athletes don't always include a storybook ending. Although, he does hope his final chapter is in the franchise's heralded Ring of Honor. 

This is a conversation that you'll want to hear:

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