Colts' Super Bowl Odds Take a Dive

Heading into the season, the expectations for the Colts (outside of Indy) are not very high. The team is almost universally regarded as the worst in the AFC South, and a healthy Andrew Luck isn't believed to be the cure-all for the warts on their roster.

All of that said, it's hard to understand why their Super Bowl odds have plummeted over the course of the offseason. The latest update - and the last before the start of the 2018 season - has the Colts going off at 80-to-1. That's the sixth-worst mark in the entire NFL!

Here they are (via

The fact that the Browns (really?) have better odds is stunning. There are some other teams on there - the 49ers at 22-to-1 - are surprising, too. 

I get that odds are only made to drive money in certain directions, but bettors are clearly not very bullish on Indianapolis.

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