WATCH: All of Luck's Long Throws

Andrew Luck's substitution on the final play in Sunday's loss to Philadelphia has fans panicking about #12's arm strength. Frank Reich and the Colts' brass felt it best to pinch-hit with backup Jacoby Brissett in the Hail Mary situation, because Brissett is known for having a big arm. Here was his explanation:


Needless to say, the move triggered a lot of speculation about Luck's arm health and strength. Can he still throw it deep? Are the Colts being overly cautious? Is this just rust? You were even getting a few claiming that it's time to panic.

Colts' fan Josh Boeke compiled all of Luck's "deep" throws from the first three games into this clip, and as you can see, the arm strength doesn't appear to be as anemic as some are claiming:


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