LISTEN: Edmond Sumner on Query & Schultz

We already know who the Pacers' starting five will be and have somewhat of a firm grasp on how their rotation will look. But, what about some of the young guys they've taken a flier on? One of those, former second round pick Edmond Sumner, had a terrific preseason and might factor into their future plans after all. In fact, the folks at 8 Points 9 Seconds took what Sumner's two-way deal means for the Pacers.

The second-year guard joined us on Tuesday's show to discuss his progress after a torn ACL at Xavier zapped his draft stock and most of his first pro season last year in Indiana. Sumner says, however, that he's nearing 100% and feels like he's made a ton of improvement. Take a listen:

Query & Schultz

Query & Schultz

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