Pierce: Oladipo is the Loneliest Star in NBA

Victor Oladipo did his part last night with 36 points, but most of his teammates - outside of Domantas Sabonis - weren’t able to pick him up in a loss to the Sixers.

ESPN carried the game, and former All-Star Paul Pierce discussed Oladipo’s lack of help during the halftime show. Here’s what he had to say: 


I think he’s telling The Truth (no pun intended), although Sabonis looks like he absolutely has All-Star potential, especially if Nate McMillan ups his usage. 

The rest of the roster? It’s certainly solid, but unspectacular. Fans are already starting to give up on Myles Turner, and it’s hard to blame them right now, and the rest of the roster is role players and solid vets who likely won’t grow into anything more than they already are.

As far as Oladipo as an MVP candidate. Why not? If you’re just talking pure value, it’s hard to argue that Vic isn’t one of the most crucial pieces to his team in the entire NBA. 

The supporting cast and bench need to step up.

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