Frank Reich Explains 4th Down Calls

Personally, I think Frank Reich's aggressive nature when it comes to play-calling and game situations is a welcome change from the previous regime, but not everyone agrees with me. Fans were highly critical of Reich's three fourth down calls yesterday in Jacksonville (all three failed), which ended up being critically important in the 6-0 loss. 

Reich attempted to rationalize his decisions during today's news conference, and Stephen Holder has a gerat write-up on it in The Athletic ($):


For a Cliff's Notes version, Reich defended the first and third fourth down calls, but wanted the 4th & 1 from the Jacksonville 31 - the failed Eric Ebron play - back. He stated he was trying for the "big play" and not just the conversion, which ultimately was a mistake that he admitted to.

I'll live with an aggressive coach over a conservative one. There's an assumption - a wrong assumption - that being conservative and "taking the points" always works. It doesn't. You can get beat playing it safe (ask Chuck Pagano) and you can get beat being aggressive. I think Reich's philosophy is the right one, even when it fails like it did yesterday.

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