Packers Looking at Old Colts' Head Coaches

Jim Caldwell and Chuck Pagano had successful moments in Indianapolis with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, respectively. Now, the Packers are kicking the tires on both of them to see if they could potentially be a successful pair with Aaron Rodgers.


The last two Colts head coaches (Caldwell 2009-11, Pagano 2012-17) each finished their tenures with winning records. Caldwell went 26-22 with a Super Bowl XLIV appearance while Pagano went 56-46 with three playoff trips and an AFC Championship Game loss in the infamous Deflategate game. However, both drew criticism for their conservative approach and poor in-game management.

Reports are that neither are serious front-runners for the job right now, but the fact they were interviewed off the bat shows that they'll likely continue to be candidates for NFL vacancies this offseason.

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