LISTEN: The Start of the Colts' Train

When the Colts got off to a 1-5 start, some people starting giving up on them and understandably so. Indianapolis had just come off a loss to the lowly Jets, where rookie Sam Darnold completed 80% of his passes and New York put up 41 points. However, while I'd be lying to you if I thought the Colts would finish with 10 wins at that point, I (as well as others) felt the team was much better than their record indicated.

The Colts' turnaround began the next week against a short-handed Buffalo team, who started journeyman Derek Anderson and was dominated 37-5. Some shrugged at that win, but it was the first time we saw what the Colts could do with a healthy (for the most part) roster. The next day is when the Colts' 7-2 train was spawned. I went back and dug up that segment and we replayed it on yesterday's show.

You can hear when Jake and I had right - and had wrong (I thought the AFC South was going to circle the drain) - and we can prove that the train was and is very, very real. Take a listen:

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