Would You Hire Chuck Pagano?

There are eight current NFL head coaching vacancies and Chuck Pagano has reportedly interviewed for a quarter of them.

A week after interviewing in Green Bay, the former Colts' head man sat down with the Broncos this afternoon for interview #2. He sat out the 2018 season, but it sure seems like Pagano is set for a return in some capacity in 2019. He's well-liked in NFL circles, and his 53-43 overall record in Indianapolis looks better on paper than it actually was.

I asked Colts fans earlier this afternoon if they'd give Pagano another shot at head coach and the results were... not great: 


Pagano is a nice guy, so it's tough not to pull for him to do well in his next stop, but I saw far more than I needed to over his six seasons here to politely pass. That said, I absolutely believe he'll be an NFL head coach again and Denver - given his ties there - seems to make sense.

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