TNT Makes The Absolute Worst Pacers Promo Ever


You can't fault TNT for trying, but their Pacers Playoff Promo was a gigantic swing and a miss. Trying to localize each of the sixteen NBA playoff teams, TNT attempted to do so with the Pacers but made several errors along the way:


The most glaring issue: that isn't the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In fact, it's Daytona. Could you imagine doing a promo for the Bulls and putting the Empire State Building instead of the Willis Tower? "Hey, Chicago has a tall building so just throw any tall building in there!"

I'll let Michael take care of the rest of the inaccuracies:



When you're going to make something about Indiana, it's helpful to run it by someone in Indiana before publishing it. That said, they could've saved it by photoshopping in a few tenderloins, like Heath suggested.

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